Bad News!!!


Okay I have bad news, and I’m so sorry. You know that pokemon giveaway I organized like two months ago? Well the post was deleted and I can’t find it. So, here’s what I’m gonna do:

I’m just going to give away most of my shiny pokemon, one for each person who wants one. It will be random, unless you ask for a certain one.

I will write down the available pokemon on a sheet of paper and post a picture of it in an hour or less. So, if you do request a certain pokemon, check the list first.

You need to be able to give me your friend code and you must have a copy of Pokemon X or Pokemon Y.

So, if you would like a shiny pokemon, like AND reblog this post, then send me an ask with your friend code, and I will give you mine.

Also: Only the first 25 or so people will receive a pokemon. I’ll write down your URL, friend code, and possible request on a sheet of paper in the order of who requests first.

Again, I’m really really sorry that this happened!! I have no clue how or what even happened, it might have happened when I changed my URL. Thank you for everything, and I will get back to you guys in a little bit with that list.